Joel Miles

Joel has lived in Chicago for the past 6 years, and currently lives in Roscoe Village with his wife Anna. Joel began as a student at the Moody Bible Institute, and is currently pursuing an MDiv from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Joel is excited and amazed to see how in Chicago God is working not just through one church, but many churches who are collaborating to see Christ exalted. Joel has recently been a part of a team that launched a new collaborating website called mergechicago.org, on which he is a regular contributing blogger. Joel is committed to ministry in Chicago mainly because Chicago is now his home and believes he is called to minister, but also because he loves this city and long to see Christ exalted in it.

Joel Miles serves as an intern where he co-leads the College Ministry at HTC Downtown with Jon Chenot.

This consists in leading regular meetings with the College Students of our congregation through Mark, meeting with College students one-on-one to read the Bible, and trying to equip the College students to serve Christ on their campus.